Corporate Consulting & Production Portfolio

Below is a short summary of our corporate consulting and production portfolio.

JP Morgan Chase

We consulted on several in house studios in the 383 Madison, 270 Park, and 277 Park buildings. Our technical consultant work there goes back 20 years, mainly on camera and lighting tech, systems integration, and shooting best practices.



We designed and built the NYC studio in the World Plaza from complete scratch. Based on that design we built nine travelling multicam kits for shipment around the world. The setup is four PTZ cameras with Sony heads, Sony controllers, and Blackmagic backbones.  ISO records go to Blackmagic Ultrastudios, and the master record is done to a Convergent Odyssey 7Q.


United Nations

We replaced and retrofitted ten cameras, switchers, control, and integrated systems in the North Hall for the 2013 General Assembly.  They had stripped half the building away and then needed to rebuild for overflow, which we spent three months doing, and then two weeks operating. This involved camera installs, wiring booths, identifying defunct/shredded systems, and rebuilding all of that to operational capacity, with triple redundancy.


MacMillan Publishing

We designed and built a very small single setup studio in their space in the Flatiron building. Its purpose was to be an appropriate space for interviewing authors. It is a very simple studio with one camera, lights, sound, and multiple backdrops.


Other Distinguished Projects

Aside from those explicit studio builds, we have been involved in large scale multi-camera work in the field for almost a decade. We have worked with most of the major networks in engineering and chief engineering capacities.  We have also been doing multicam work for New York Fashion Week? twice a year for the last six years, on scales ranging from three to seven cameras, usually live to tape. 
We have been featured under a few notable "engineer in charge" credits. One such notable feature was the GTA V launch at the St. Paul the Apostle Church, which was a nine camera live and live to tape event of Tangerine Dream performing the soundtrack to graphics from the game. Others include Fashion's Night Out for CBS, as well as a five camera recording of the largest Chanel show in history at the Armory in 2015. 

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